Prominence of ISO 9001 Certification And ISO Standards | QMS Benefits


ISO 9001 Certification is also called as Quality Management System certification. It is defined as interrelated or interacting elements of organization which is used to formulate the policies and objectives of quality in order to achieve the requirements of Customer satisfaction and improved quality. ISO standards are based upon the Principles that would be discussed under the ISO requirements. The ISO 9001 clauses are also given below which will brief our readers about the skeleton of the system and key areas that would help us understand the ISO 9001 Requirements.



ISO has defined the system clearly when it has published the standards, every standard would have a family that would include the guidelines, requirements, certifiable standard, etc. in order to understand the requirements of the ISO 9001 Certification we need to understand the basic elements in the standard. There are two major elements that would be helpful for our readers to understand the system – Quality Principles and ISO 9001 Clauses.



The principles would help  ISO Certification in Oman us to stay on track while the implementation of ISO 9001 Standards, we need to understand the definition or the ISO 9001 meaning in order to start with the implementation in any organization. These principles are embedded in the standard in the form of sub-clauses that are intended to follow and achieve these principles.


Quality management principles are 7 in number and the same has been mentioned below:


QMP 1 – Customer Focus

QMP 2 – Leadership

QMP 3 – Engagement of People

QMP 4 – Process approach

QMP 5 – Improvement

QMP 6 – Evidence based QMS decision making

QMP 7 – Relationship Management